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What is a Naming Ceremony?

A naming ceremony is a ceremony where you publicly welcome your child into your family and circle of friends. Generally speaking, the ceremony is non-religious however on occasions, I have been asked to read something from the Bible of which I am not opposed to doing.

Christenings are religious and conducted by a member of the clergy in a church , whereby namings are conducted by a celebrant at any place and any time, giving the family more flexibility.

I am in no way opposed to christenings, however it is obviously something that I cannot perform in my capacity as a celebrant. I have though conducted numerous namings, usually held on the child's first birthday. It is entirely up to the family as to when and where the naming will be held.

My youngest naming has been a baby of 2 months old. She wore a beautiful christening gown that her grandfather had worn when he was christened so held a lot of meaning. The family celebrated her naming day in front of family and friends at her Grandparent's home. Two people were appointed as Godparents at that ceremony.

The "oldest" naming ceremony I have conducted, was for a lovely young man who was 16 at the time. The reason that family had a naming, was to appoint additional Godparents - people who had been a huge influence and fantastic mentors to this fine young man, and this all coincided with his 16th birthday. It was a moving ceremony, and I can tell you there was not a dry eye in the house!

There are also some lovely inclusions for a naming ceremony. You may like a blending of the sands including parents and baby, other siblings could be included as could Godparents or Grandparents. Some people have a candle lighting ceremony, some have a time capsule where things are placed in a capsule for the child to open on a significant birthday ( say 18 or 21). If you have the ceremony at home, you may want to plant a tree - you can watch your baby flourish along with a beautiful reminder in your garden of the special celebration you held.

Candle Unity

Sand for Naming Ceremony

Parents and Godparents are issued with a certificate as well on the day, with the parents also being presented with a bound copy of the ceremony to keep.

Contact me at any time if you are interested in holding a naming ceremony. I will be happy to provide you with information.

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