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Visual tributes at a funeral ceremony

This blog delves into the theme of photo tributes during farewell services.

More frequently than not, families opt to incorporate a slideshow or photos showcasing their loved one's life during a service. Typically, there is a designated time within the service to display these photos, often accompanied by a fitting song.

Guidelines suggest that for a song of average length, around 50 photos work well. This ensures that each photo remains on the screen for a substantial period, allowing family and friends ample time to reflect on individual moments. Having more photos risks a quick succession that may hinder the reflective experience.

A single photo has the power to evoke a myriad emotions and trigger a flood of memories. For instance, a photo from the last Christmas the family shared together can spark recollections of the event, the attendees, the location, the festive meal, and the exchanged presents. It may also serve as a poignant reminder of the last time the departed loved one was well enough to attend family gatherings. This example highlights the profound impact a single photo can have.

Choosing which photos to include can be a challenging task due to the abundance of options. My recommendation is to create two separate slideshows or photo presentations—one for the chapel service and a longer one to be shown at the gathering afterward. The gathering (or wake as it is sometimes referred to) provides a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing attendees to share stories prompted by the photos. This communal storytelling becomes an integral part of the grieving process, fostering connections through shared memories.

I often refer to this segment of the service as "A journey through XXXX's life in photos."


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