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Notice required to get married in Australia and paperwork involved

Not everyone is aware of the legalities around getting married. And that's ok - for many people, it's only something that you only do once, so why would you know right?

So that is what this blog is all about.

Generally speaking, in order to get married in Australia, you need to give one months notice. At that time, you fill out and lodge a document titled - NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE - with your celebrant.

You must provide identification to your celebrant as evidence of your date of birth and place of birth.

Your celebrant also needs to identify both parties to the marriage so will require some photo ID. Documents that may be used and sighted to confirm your date and place of birth and identity may include :-

1. Birth certificate

2. Passport

3. Drivers Licence

4. A proof of age / photo card

Other documents that may be required by your celebrant could include:-

1. Divorce papers ( if either party has been previously married )

2. Death certificate ( if either party is widowed)

There are circumstances that the one month notice may be waived. This is called

" Shortening of time". If a shortening of time is granted, it is done so through a prescribed authority and the reasons for a couple applying must fall into one of the categories listed below:-

These are limited to:

1. employment-related or other travel commitments 2. wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations 3. medical reasons 4. legal proceedings, or 5. an error in giving notice.

If you do apply for a shortening of time, your celebrant will type a letter in support of your application and sign your notice of intent that you have filled out. You then make an appointment to see your prescribed authority, take the NOIM and letter with you and make your application. A fee may be payable.

You can find a list of prescribed authorities here:-

Notice of Intended Marriage

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