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Why get married by a celebrant

When a couple are planning their wedding, there are numerous factors to consider. Factors such as where will the ceremony take place, where will the reception be, how many people will be invited, what will the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear and of course what will the Bride and Groom wear. There are of course, many others.

The ceremony itself can be held almost anywhere if you engage the services of a Marriage Celebrant. In Australia, as opposed to some other countries, a ceremony can take place outdoors or indoors, on the beach, on a farm or property, in a park or garden, or in a club or function/reception venue just to name a few.

So as you can see, that is why appointing a celebrant to officiate is a really good choice. Celebrants offer flexibility with locations etc.

If you are in the process of arranging your big day, send me a message or email, and we can organise a time to get together and have a chat.

Happy planning!

Wedding Ceremony held at Campbelltown Arts Centre

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