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What is the best time to hold your marriage ceremony?

This is a question that is frequently asked by couples when planning their marriage ceremony. Choosing the time of your ceremony can be made quite difficult for a number of reasons. There may be people who have to travel, the need for extra time for photos to be taken at another location, the venue may have time restrictions and also the time of year can be a major factor in deciding what time to have your ceremony.

I would suggest you speak with your photographer. If they haven't already been to your chosen venue, they check it out for locations and spots around the grounds to do their shoot, they keep up to date with the weather and the sun rise and sun set times and most of all they are professional! They know what they are working with and can give you the best advice.

Your photographer will work alongside you in assisting you make a decision as to what shots you would like captured and where you want those photos to be taken. They will then work out the schedule. This way you can book in when the ceremony will take place , allowing time for the photos to taken prior to the reception in conjunction with the timing of your reception.

Your day should be as stress free as possible and the professionals that you engage for your magical and special day, all work in together to ensure that this is the case.

Generally speaking, the wedding ceremony is approximately 30 minutes, depending on your choices and inclusions. That of course, is not set in stone. The ceremony can be as short or as long as you like.

Contact me if you would like to meet up and discuss your ceremony plans. As a celebrant of over 11 years experience, I have had the pleasure of officiating many of life's ceremonies and would love to be a part of your special day.

A late afternoon wedding in the month of September

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