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To record or not record

For the past 11 years I have worked in the funeral industry. Each service is different, honouring the person who has passed away and can consist of readings/poems, music, photos, candle lighting and other things that families choose to include.

In a lot of chapels, the service can also be recorded and given to the family who may or may not choose to look at it at a later date.

There are also people who specialise in this field. One of the businesses that I have worked with is The Funeral Videographer - Michelle Bova is awesome and is very unobtrusive and respectful, which of course is imperative at a time such as this.

Some people agree this is a great idea, as often a funeral service is a blur for the close family and friends of the deceased. It can be overwhelming, and a lot of people have described to me as being in a "fog" on the day and not really taking much in. This is totally understandable.

Other people though find it quite strange that a funeral service should be recorded. Some say even "morbid".

It is all a personal choice and is something that is definitely not pushed upon a family should they choose for this not to occur.

I came across an article just this morning on this very subject so thought I would share - Courtesy of the BBC.

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