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Music in Ceremonies

In any ceremony, music can play a very significant part. Music has a way of evoking emotions as well. If I am asked to advise on music to be played within a Funeral Ceremony, I always suggest playing music that the person we are there honouring enjoyed listening to. Songs played at a funeral do not have to be morbid. You can play anything you like. I always suggest an uplifting song if possible for the conclusion of the service. It can be very heartwarming to leave the chapel at the end of the service with a little bit of a smile rather than overwhelmed sadness.

Another thing I often say to people is to not overthink things. Don't get too bogged down in the lyrics of a song. I can guarantee that if you analyzed the words to every song, then you would not pick one! There is always a line in there somewhere that does not fit your loved one and their character.

So go with something they liked, or if they didn't like music, go with something you and your family like - something that will add to to the ceremony.

Remember a funeral service is held to recognize the important place that your loved one holds in your life and in the lives of all who knew them, and it is to celebrate and rejoice the things that they have accomplished throughout the years.


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