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The importance of your loved one's life story

As a celebrant who has been conducting funeral services for almost 8 years, Samantha is very passionate about people's lives - learning where they come from, their heritage and lineage. Death and funerals are subjects that don't come up in every day to day conversation however Samantha stresses the importance of being able to put your life story down on paper or that of your parents, partner, aunt, uncle - in fact anyone that plays an important role in your life.

With the busyness of every day to day life, it can be difficult to find the time to actually sit down and do this. This is where " A life box " comes in. Samantha sits down with her client for as long as it takes to get their life onto paper, gather photos and certificates and then make it all into one beautiful book that can be passed on down through the generations.

Having this book also ensures that the person's life story is told as THEY want it to be told. And that is of the utmost importance.

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