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Inclusions in Weddings

Many people like to have some sort of inclusion in their wedding ceremony. Here are just a few ideas that you may wish to consider.

A Sand Unity Ceremony - this is where two different colours of sand are blended into one main bottle - the significance being that once the grains of sand are mixed they can never be separated just as the same way the bond you have between one another can never be separated. If there are children coming in to the family, such as a blended family, this is a nice way to include them as well.

Hand Fasting - this is a lovely ritual where your hands are tied by ribbon or string. There are many different versions of this ritual and these can be researched on the internet.

Unity Candle Lighting - a wonderful way to include family members by lighting of candles

Rose Giving - roses are the flower of love. The Bride and Groom can give one to each other or they can be given to the parents as a sign of appreciation.

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