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Death and Dying is not something that many people really like to talk about. As Samantha works in that field being a professional and experienced Funeral Celebrant, it is subject that is quite special and important to her.

Every day Samantha meets with families to discuss the funeral service of the person who has passed. Many a time there are lots of things that the family and friend just do not know about their loved one. That is because we just don't talk about the past enough. Also at the harrowing time of losing a loved one, people are not in the right frame of mind - people often describe this time as being in some kind of "fog" and it is hard to put all of this together.

Samantha is a real people's person, and finding out about their lives and what it is that they have experienced over time is what she is very passionate about.

As an off shoot from Life's Celebrations, Samantha also runs " A Life Box" - this is a service whereby Samantha sits with people , gets information about their family and their life and puts together a eulogy ( a story about their life ) This is then made into a beautiful photo book. Not only is this book a wonderful keepsake but when the time comes, the information is all there for the family.

The photos are also put onto a DVD with some music behind it and the photos are put on a CD or USB for future reference.

Samantha would love to assist you in doing this for your loved one or even for yourself, so please get in contact to arrange a meeting,

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