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Writing a eulogy

When meeting with families in regards to funeral or memorial services, one thing that is spoken about in length is the eulogy. Do they write it? Does your celebrant write it? Who will deliver the eulogy? These are just some things that can be worked out when meeting with your officiant.

So what is a eulogy? By definition, a eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of a person or persons, especially one who recently died or retired, or as a term of endearment. Eulogies are usually included as part of funeral services ( Wikipedia)

If I am asked where to begin, I say that the best place is when the person came into this world. This can be like telling your loved one's life story with many memories weaved among the facts of their life from when they were born to when they passed.

This is something that is not easy to do. It can be very emotional and can also be quite difficult, particularly if little is known and there are no remaining relatives to obtain information from. And let's face it, everyone's memory fails a little as they get older as well, making some of the details a bit sketchy.

I am a firm believer in making sure that your family know as much as possible about your earlier life - things that usually aren't spoken of in day to day life between parents and their children. It is so very important though.

These are just some of the things you may like to consider when putting a eulogy together :-

· Birth details: date and place of birth, parents and siblings.

· Growing up years: schooling, favourite past times and hobbies as a child, sports that have been played

· Animals, holidays. School achievements

· Employment: occupations, accomplishments, trades, awards,

· Where did the person meet their spouse? How long was the courtship? When and where marriage took place.

· Details of the births of children

· Memorable family moments.

· Family holidays and activities (sports etc) when the children were being raised

· Social activities

· Favourite music, TV shows, movies, books

· Passions

· Values and morals

· Why was this person unique?

· What would they like to be fondly remembered for?

· What words describe them and their characteristics?


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