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It really is the little things that matter

It's the little things............................

In many wedding ceremonies, apart from the bridal party of groomsmen and bridesmaids, there are often page boys and flower girls 💙

Ever since embarking on my career as a civil celebrant, I have included these "little people" by presenting them with their own certificate for a job well done 💙

It really is a huge day for everyone, with so much happening, and the little ones must be so exhausted by the time they get to the ceremony. After presenting the couple with their certificate, I present the "little people" with theirs and they really get a kick out of it 💙

I received some photos of a wedding that I officiated just recently, with the flower girls being the Bride and Groom's daughters. Mum said it was a lovely surprise for them all when I handed them their certificates 💙

It just goes to show you that it really is the "little things" that can mean so much 💙


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