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Important things to know when wanting to marry in Australia

This post is about what you need to do to legally get married in Australia. It is important to know the forms that need to be filled out, signed and lodged with your celebrant or clergy in order for a wedding to take place.

A Notice of Intended Marriage - must be lodged NO LATER than one month prior to your wedding taking place. The NOIM does have a validity of 18 months. This is set out in Section 42 of The Marriage Act 1961 which all celebrants must adhere to. ( click on the link to download a blank notice of intent)

On the NOIM are details of both parties to the marriage. Full names, dates of birth, occupations, usual place of residence, parents names both now and at birth and conjugal status. Your celebrant will also need to sight evidence of your date and place of birth. This can be in the form of a birth certificate or passport. Your celebrant will also need to see photo identific