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Yay! A proposal! Now what? Where to from here?

Your partner has just proposed to you! How exciting - a truly memorable moment that will remain with you for the rest of your life. So now what? Do you plan an engagement party, or do you skip the engagement party and get straight into planning your wedding?

There is a lot to think about - so much to consider. You have probably been to weddings so have an idea of ceremony and reception venues. Or you may be starting from scratch, and begin your search on where to hold this very special occasion. You may even have a Celebrant in mind after seeing them in "Action" at a family or friends' wedding. I believe the two most important things you should book in first are your ceremony location/reception venue and the person who is going to make your union legal whether that be a Celebrant or Minister of Religion. After that, everything else falls into place.

If a Celebrant is on your list of items to tick off in preparation for your big day, then I would be very happy to hear from you. Our first meeting is obligation free - I want you to be comfortable in your choice of Celebrant as we work in together, sometimes for many months, in crafting a ceremony that reflects your desires, needs and wants. Your ceremony should be one that you enjoy and remember for years to come.

This meeting can be face to face, keeping in with social distancing at this time, or via skype/zoom/facetime should you prefer.

My role is to provide you with information on a variety of things - we need to address the legalities of course - without the legalities there wouldn't be a legal wedding! I also provide you with some comprehensive resources which can be of help to you both when deciding on your vows, music, ring wordings, poems, readings and other inclusions.

Contact me if I can help in this process in any way at all. I would really enjoy being a part of your planning as well as a part of your day. I can be contacted through facebook, via email or via phone.

Enjoy your planning and stay safe through these times.

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