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Changing your name after marriage

After months and months of planning, blood, sweat and tears, you are finally married! I often hear Brides and Grooms say that they can't believe the day has actually arrived.

So now down to business. How do you change your name on official documents?

OK, let me explain.

On your wedding day you signed three documents along with your two witnesses. One of those documents is the Marriage Certificate. This is a legal document and one that cannot be replaced once issued. They are individually numbered and all celebrants must use what is called a "Record of Use" form to record the Number of the certificate, who they were issued to, and the date that they were issued.

However, whilst it is a legal document, it does not provide conclusive evidence of the identities of either of the parties to the marriage, so in order to change your name you must obtain your marriage certificate from the relevant Births, Deaths and Marriages Office in the state that the marriage was solemnized.

I always get this certificate for my couple's as it is so much easier on them. When I register a marriage online, I apply for the certificate then, and it is sent to the couple once the BDM have completed their processes. Once you have that document, you can commence changing your name.

Below is a photo showing what is written on the back of the Marriage Certificate that you sign on your wedding day.

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