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Celebrant fees for Weddings

Undoubtedly one of the first questions that I am asked is " How much do you charge?" A very valid question! Weddings can cost a lot of your hard earned money and you want to spend your money wisely.

There are many factors to consider when you commence planning. Things such as ;-

* The reception venue

* The dress

* The suit

* Rings

* Cake

* Cars

* Invitations

* Bomboniere / gifts

* Flowers

* Photographer

* Videographer

* Stylists

* Wedding planner

* Hair and makeup

* Attendants clothing

Gee the list goes on! Quite mind boggling really! You do also have to consider who you will choose to actually make the day legal - your Celebrant/Priest/Minister.

When you look at all of the items above, the celebrant is on the lower end of the scale price wise, but is very important in the scheme of things.

Celebrants are appointed by the Attorney Generals Department after having spent a lot of money and time on training and then setting up their business. As we all run our own business, we are not bound by fees. That is why, if you shop around, you will note varying pricing and inclusions among celebrants.

I feel the most important thing is that you choose a celebrant who you are comfortable with, and not necessarily the cheapest - it's like anything in life - don't settle for something just because it is the cheapest quote. Look at your options, look at what the celebrant has to offer and make sure you meet with the celebrant to get a feel for them and their style.

If you are in the planning process and would like to meet up with me for a chat, feel free to contact me - I will be happy to go through things with you for your big day.

Wedding Ceremony Table Setup

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