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Who can conduct a wedding ceremony?

In Australia, a person needs to undertake training, be deemed competent in their studies, apply to the Attorney General's Department and then if successful with their application, be appointed.

The training that is required is Certificate IV in Celebrancy CHC41015. A person must also be deemed "fit and proper" - after all Celebrants have a legal responsibility - it's certainly an honour to be appointed.

Once appointed, a celebrant needs to undertake 5 hours of ongoing professional development each year. This is a great chance for celebrants to keep up to date with any changes within the industry and learn new things.

On the other hand, Namings, Renewals, Commitments, Funerals and Memorials can be conducted by anyone. The choice is yours, however you would most likely engage the services of an experienced civil celebrant who can steer and guide you in the right direction.