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Wedding transport

How did you arrive at your wedding? Did you do something out of the ordinary or were you more traditional?

Since commencing as a Marriage celebrant in September of 2008, I have seen many different types of transport that both Brides and Grooms have arrived in. There are no hard and fast rules - it is all up to what you want for your day!

One of the most " out of the box" arrivals I witnessed, was when Mitchell and Courtney married in March of 2016. They held their ceremony and reception at Camden Town Farm which ( as the name implies) the venue has a lot of land - enough room in fact to land a helicopter!

Mitchell, along with his groomsmen certainly arrived in style!

Mitchell arriving in style

Mitchell and his groomsmen

The photographer who captured the day was Emotiva - they did a great job and took so many fantastic photos along with a video - something that the couple and their family and friends will cherish forever.

If you would like to contact Emotiva to see how they can help with your photographic or video needs, then take a look at their website -

In September of last year, James and Caitlin were married at Mt Annan - The Australian Botanic Gardens - both the Bride and Groom arrived in style, all coming in various makes and models of cars. There were many onlookers admiring these stylish motor vehicles

James and Caitlin

James and Cailtin wedding car

James and Caitlin - the car the Groom arrived in

On a lovely warm day in August of 2019, Amie and Terry exchanged vows at Belgenny Farm, Camden South. Amie was driven close to Belgenny by car, and then hopped into a horse drawn carriage for her entrance into the farm. She looked like a princess and despite a slight hiccup with her dress, was smiling from ear to ear!

Terry and Amie - Horse and Carriage

Terry was not going to miss the opportunity though to arrive in style. Terry came in a very flash lamborghini and was accompanied into the farm grounds by Harleys. You could hear them coming for miles!

Why should the men miss out right?

This photo is with his handsome little man Tommy.

Terry and Tommy Sports car

Lamborghini - Terry arriving in style

And then there was Carlie and John - they held an "engagement" party at Belgenny Farm in 2018 which turned into a surprise wedding. Carlie arrived in a double decker bus, along with her beautiful bridal party.

These bus photos are courtesy of Willice Photography - check them out on their facebook page

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