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Love is love

On the 9th December 2017, Same - sex marriages became legal in Australia. I for one was very happy that now everyone was free to marry regardless of their sex.

As a young child, I was brought up to accept everyone as they are. My parents were very broad minded, down to earth people, and I just know this has definitely held me in good stead for the relationships and friendships that I have developed and also given me an open minded approach in life.

One family that I got to know almost 11 years ago through the sad time when they lost their mother and grandmother, have remained in touch with me since that time. Needless to say I was tickled pink when I was asked to officiate at the marriage ceremony for this family's son and his partner.

At our meetings, I got to know these two young men a lot better, and it was clear for all to see that they are most definitely extremely happy and very much in love.

Their wedding in September of last year was very moving. To say you could feel the love in the room would be an understatement - the place was buzzing with love and excitement.

After the ceremony, I received some beautiful reviews on my facebook page from family members.

Josh's mum said: - " I have known Samantha for many years now but yesterday Sam officiated my sons marriage to his best friend. Samantha was a great celebrant who got to know the boys prior and made them feel at ease. She was right there with the groom Ryan who was overwhelmed with emotion, Samantha helped him through as his life partner walked toward him. Samantha is great at her job and I would highly recommend her for your wedding, naming day, re-newing of vows, etc. thank you so much Sam for everything yesterday"

Josh also wrote some lovely words:- " I had the pleasure of having Sam officiate mine and my now husband’s wedding late September 2019.Sam was professional and accommodating in every step of planning and someone I would recommend any day or any time. Sam made us feel very comfortable on the day and guided us with such professionalism and comfort when times got emotional.Our wedding wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was if it wasn’t for Sam.Thank you so much Sam for making our day what it was"

And these are from Ryan:- " My now husband and I couldn’t have had a better celebrant on our special day! While trying to hold it together while standing down the end of the aisle waiting for Josh ,Samantha made sure I was ready for the massive commitment.A few of my guest have had the honour of having Samantha be part of their special day too!"

Josh and Ryan, the pleasure was all mine!

Josh and Ryan have sent me some photos of their special day which were taken by Tiffany of Kyah-Rose Photography. Tiffany was so much fun to work alongside. Kyah-Rose Photography can be found on facebook.

Ryan, Sam and Josh - September 2019 - Love is love

Ryan and Josh at their reception

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