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Choosing a celebrant

Samantha receives many emails, messages and texts every week enquiring about her services - the main question being how much does it cost?

Choosing a Celebrant for your Funeral, Wedding or Naming should not be based wholly and solely on the cost. Yes Samantha understands that it is a factor to consider, but there are other things that should be considered when selecting who will officiate your ceremony.

You need to know that you get along well and that your Celebrant understands just what it is that you want for your ceremony.

Celebrants run their own businesses and as such can set their fee structure however they choose - that is why you will probably come across fluctuating pricing and fees. But it is like everything , you get what you pay for and you really do need to be happy with your choice of Celebrant.

Samantha prefers to meet up and have a chat over a tea or coffee, get a feel for one another, and then see if she suits your needs and wants. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION !

So feel free to contact Samantha so that coffee chat can be arranged.


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