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Planning your own funeral

Pat as a young man

Would you plan your own funeral? What a daunting prospect! It can though be very satisfying at the same time, knowing that when your time comes, your service will be carried out in the manner you wish it to be.

As a Funeral Celebrant of 12 years, I have had the honour to meet with people on occasion who have had a terminal illness and have been open to speaking of what it is they would like for their funeral service. I have also met with others who just wish to be organised in advance to save their families the angst later on.

Whilst it was very confronting for the families of these people, they also found out things that they wouldn't have possibly known such as music choices and other inclusions - poems, speakers and even where they would like their wake to be held.

I found this very satisfying at the time of these funeral services as well. Not only had I been able to sit with the person, but I had got to know them just that little bit and ensure that their wishes were carried out - of course working in with the family.

None of us know when our time is up, and I am not saying that you need to be morbid and focus on death. However whilst this is not for everyone, I believe that more people are open to this than we know.

If you feel this is something that you would like to do, contact me and we can get together for a chat.


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