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What is "A Life Box"?

In this post I will explain just what "A life box" is and why I have taken this path.

In my work as a funeral celebrant I meet with people on a daily basis. During these meetings I find out about their loved one's life and their experiences. On many occasions very little is known of their loved one's past. Let's face it, we don't always speak with our parents or grandparents and ask them where they went to school, where they met their spouse or what did they do when they left school as far as work. It's just not something that typically comes up in every day to day conversation.

That is what got me to thinking :- How good would it be for someone to get their life story and photos into print while they are still here? They can tell THEIR story in THEIR words. I believe this is a pretty cool thing to be able to do. " A Life Box " also becomes a beautiful keepsake for future generations.

As a person who is interested in other people's lives, I love to spend time with my clients, ask them numerous questions and get it all down on paper. I often ask questions that can jog my client's memory and bring to the surface some lovely memories that may have not been in the forefront of their minds for a long time. What a beautiful process to be a part of. That is why I am so passionate about what I do.

So what is in "A life box"? It contains my client's lifestory and photos in a beautifully presented photobook. Certificates can also be scanned and included. I put all of the photos onto a DVD and accompany that with music of choice. The lifestory and photos are then put onto a USB for future use. When the person who "A life box" has been made for passes away, having this information and photos makes it just that little bit easier for the family left behind when arranging the funeral service. They just then need to build on what has already been done.

I would be only too happy to come and have a chat with you about this so if you or anyone you know may be interested then feel free to call - 0432 553 193 - Samantha Lysaught - Life's Celebrations By Samantha

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