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Unplugged Weddings

It is becoming quite common today that Bride's and Groom's request guests at their ceremony turn off their mobile phones and put down their cameras. There are mixed opinions in regards to this. It doesn't mean that the couple don't wish for you to have photos of their wedding ceremony, but they really want family and friends to truly partake all that is the wedding - the wording, the vows, the kiss, the smiles, the tears and the laughter.

When people are constantly taking photos, how can they really be listening and paying attention to the ceremony? Another way to look at this is that the couple pay a considerable amount of money to professional photographers and videographers who will present them with amazing photos and DVD's at a later date. When people in the congregation though stand up or hold up their camera, phone or IPAD it can often get in the way of capturing those magical shots and moments.

All of this of course is at the couple's request and everyone is different! That's what makes the world go around.

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