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Music at your Wedding Ceremony

Music is important in any ceremony - it creates the mood and adds to the magical atmosphere of a wedding ceremony. So how many pieces do you need and where do they get played?

Samantha, from Lifes Celebrations by Samantha can assist with this by offering suggestions. A piece of music or a song is played when the Bride makes her grand entrance! Sometimes the bride likes to have a separate piece for her attendants to walk down the aisle to. This is a personal choice of course.

Come time for the Bride and Groom to sign their documents, music is played at that time as well. Samantha always suggests having two peices for this time as it can take a while for photos - sometimes the second song is not needed - it all depends on what is going on throughout that period. And then a piece is played when the Bride and Groom are introduced as MR and MRS and walk off into the sunset! Why not play something that will really get everyone going at this time

It is PARTY time! A time to celebrate and offer congratulations! And music plays a pivotal role at this point.

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