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Getting your life in print

" A Life Box " is part of the service that Samantha has to offer. So what exactly is " A Life Box"?

It is a box containing a beautifully presented book full of your life story and photos along with a DVD which is accompanied by music and all of the photos of CD for future reference.

As a Funeral Celebrant, Samantha has found the need for this service as many people do not know a lot about the life of their loved one once they have passed. Sadly this is then too late.

Samantha takes the time to sit down with you, get all of the details of your life and gather photos and then puts it all down on paper. This not only becomes a lovely keepsake for future generations but when the time comes for your passing it makes things a little easier for your family when putting the funeral ceremony together.

It's not something that is often spoken of but let's face it - we have life insurance, wills, some have prepaid funerals, so why not go one step further and get your life story in print?

Samantha would love the opportunity to meet up with you to talk about "A Life Box"

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