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What is a eulogy?

According to Wikipedia, a eulogy is a speech or a writing in praise of someone who has recently died.

In a funeral ceremony it is always lovely to include a eulogy outlining details of the life of the person who has passed. What have they done in their life? Facts that can be included are home life, work life, social life, likes and dislikes - in fact anything that relates to the person whom you are honouring.

Eulogies can be funny. Making it light hearted can ease the ache just a little. There is nothing wrong with having a laugh at a funeral - after all everyone has something funny that happens in their life that can be shared and laughed about.

Writing a eulogy when a loved one has passed it a very difficult thing to do, and it is not for everyone. But it can be quite therapeutic if you are able to do so. Eulogies can be delivered by a family member or friend, or by your Celebrant or Clergy.

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